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Attorney Bradley Schreiber, Family Law Lawyer in Rockford, IL, takes great pride in the personal attention we give to every aspect of each client’s case, whether it involves divorce negotiations to child custody litigation.

If you’re searching for Family Law Lawyers in Rockford, IL, then look no further than Schreiber Law. We help our clients benefit from our experience in Illinois Family Law and dedication to seeking the most cost-effective method for achieving their goals. With that in mind, we minimize the financial and emotional burdens of the process for our family law clients who need representation for Family Law in Rockford, IL.

Attorney Bradley Schreiber, Rockford Family Law Lawyer, established the firm on the belief that client’s expect and deserve the personalized attention and expertise they get in having Bradley
Schreiber handle every aspect of their case from start to finish, in court and out of court.

Unlike other Rockford Family Law firms, our clients are not passed down to inexperienced associates after they hire us. Our clients have the peace of mind from knowing they have Attorney Schreiber along with his experience, reputation and skills, fighting for them.

Attorney Schreiber is dedicated to protecting yourself, your family, children, your assets and your future.

Please call for an Initial Free Consultation when you need assistance with:

  • Divorce; whether through divorce litigation or mediation.
  • Division of marital assets.
  • Child custody; modification and visitation rights. Preparation of custody agreements and revisions and move-away situations.
  • Spousal support
  • Modification of custody and support orders.

For compassionate and result driven advocacy in all family law matters, contact attorney Schreiber when you’re searching for a Family Law Lawyer in Rockford, IL for an initial FREE consultation with and experienced Northern Illinois Lawyer.

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