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Divorce in Illinois is a complicated matter and almost always requires the assistance of a competent, experienced attorney. The decision to divorce or legally separate is a difficult one to make, particularly if children are involved. We know that a divorce creates a profound stress which often precedes many other of life’s events such as financial adjustments, job changes, and many other issues. Reach out to Attorney Bradley Schreiber when you’re searching for the right Divorce Attorney in Rockford, IL to help you.

Your divorce attorney in Rockford, IL is the key to an effective divorce process and optimum circumstances after divorce and all attorney’s are not created equally. In your time of need, you will want a divorce attorney who works diligently for you to solve your financial and legal problems in an effective and efficient manner. Attorney Schreiber, who specializes in Divorce Law in Rockford, IL, will provide you with a sound analysis of your personal situation and begin to work immediately to tailor a solution under the Illinois Divorce and family laws that allows you to resolve problems and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

When representing client’s in a divorce proceeding, Attorney Schreiber vigorously pursues all of their client’s interests to achieve optimum results and to ensure a smooth conclusion of each case.


We understand Divorce is stressful for all parties, including children. Whether your divorce has come quickly or is the result of long-standing problems, you don’t want the process to drag on, prolonging the uncertainty. Attorney Schreiber takes a comprehensive approach to divorce, ensuring that all of your concerns are addressed and that both immediate and future needs are met. Give us a call today when you’re searching for Divorce Attorneys in Rockford, IL and let Attorney Bradley Schreiber help.

Our goal is to seek solutions that minimize the the potential damage of an extended legal dispute and the costs of divorce court. For many people, mediation or the collaborative divorce process are good alternatives to resolving divorce issues in court. We have helped many clients build agreements through mediation or out of court settlements.

In highly Contested Divorce cases, however, agreement outside of court is often not possible. Rockford Divorce Lawyer, Attorney Schreiber, has more than twenty years of experience bringing divorce cases to family court in Illinois, including those involving complex property division, family owned businesses, or hidden assets to ensure property is accounted for and fairly divided. We will advocate aggressively for you in divorce court.


Contact Attorney Schreiber today and let the search for a Divorce Attorney in Rockford, IL end. We would be happy to schedule an initial FREE consultation at your convenience. We will work directly with you from the initial filing of a divorce to the final divorce decree. We also assist in all divorce related matters including modification of orders and previous orders relating to divorce.