Don’t let an arrest ruin your life.

Being charged with a crime in Northern Illinois can be very scary. If you, or someone you love, find them facing criminal prosecution, you need an attorney in Rockford, IL with experience to fight for you. Attorney Bradley Schreiber has been defending criminal cases in Rockford and the Northern Illinois region for over two decades.

This experience gives you a decided advantage over less experienced criminal defense attorney’s. Simply stated, Attorney Schreiber has over 20 years of experience successfully fighting to keep his clients out of jail and to produce the most successful outcome possible.

Schreiber Law handles all types of criminal cases

Rockford Attorney Schreiber handles all types of criminal cases, including misdemeanors, DUI, petty theft, burglary, grand theft, robbery, all other serious felonies, drug cases, embezzlement, sex crimes, domestic violence, and traffic cases. Literally, no case is too big or too small for us to handle, and no charge is too small. Call Schreiber Law today when you’re in need of an attorney in Rockford, IL who can handle your criminal law case.

From murder to the simple traffic violation and everything in between, we take our clients cases as if they were our own and know the implications and what’s at stake. Moreover, our experience and our Practice made Personal approach will get you through the most difficult of times with the most successful result possible.


Besides incarceration and jail time, one of the biggest concerns in fighting a criminal case is the impact of the Criminal Record associated with a conviction. Let Schreiber Law fight for your right today, give this attorney in Rockford, IL a call and see how he can help you.

If you are being charged with a crime, it is critical that you do everything in your power to reduce the impact on your record. Depending on the facts of each charge, Attorney Schreiber knows how to get charges dropped, reduced in order to minimize the blemish that a criminal conviction can bring. Attorney Schreiber has a highly successful track record at getting felonies reduced to misdemeanors and misdemeanors reduced to mere infractions.

We are here to help you and know the trust that is being placed in our hands. We will work night and day to make sure your legal interests are protected to the fullest extent of the law. Let this attorney in Rockford, IL know what you need and watch Schreiber Law fight for your right.

Schreiber’s Checklist to Choosing Your Attorney in Rockford, IL:

When you have been arrested, choosing the right attorney will have a lifelong and lasting impact on yourself and loved ones. Choosing the right attorney will be one of the biggest decisions a person can make. Choose your Rockford Lawyer wisely.


Commitment to our client’s rights.

There is just no substitute for experience. A great criminal defense attorney will have many of years of experience at the same location. Many attorney’s bounce around and around from one Firm to another thinking they are progressing in their career without focusing on the true needs of their clients. Attorney Schreiber founded SchreiberLaw in 1994 at the same place and same location as it is to this day. Our address, phone numbers, commitment to excellence has never changed and has never wavered under one common theme.


If you are facing criminal charges, you don’t just want an attorney’s, you want a criminal defense attorney who has dedicated a large portion of their career to the practice of criminal law through handling a majority of his practice handling criminal matters.

You do not want any Rockford attorney that will take any case that walks in his door (immigration, bankruptcy). Criminal Law is very complex. Choose a criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated a large portion of his career to this specific area of the law.


Pick a criminal defense lawyer that is passionate about fighting for his clients rights.

There are too many criminal defense lawyers who are burned out or just looking to pick up a case. That is not what you’re looking for. Choose an attorney with fire in their belly who believes in what they are doing. An attorney who cares about his clients enough to fight hard for them.


Select a criminal attorney who has reasonable fees.

Moreover, a criminal law attorney who cares about his clients will be flexible in payment options.

A great criminal defense attorney will be highly sought after. Meaning they will have plenty of business and will not have to gauge their clients. It is true you get what you pay for; on the other hand, a well established reputable criminal law defense attorney will not need to gauge a client on fees because of an arrest.


Attorney Schreiber has the skills and experience to negotiate or go to trial, as needed.

To achieve great results in court, your criminal law attorney needs to be versatile to do whatever it takes and needs to be done under the circumstances to achieve the ultimate results for their clients. If arrested, you need an attorney who can effectively resolve your case through aggressive plea bargaining, or where necessary an attorney who has demonstrated an ability to take a case to trial and be successful litigating the case.


Just like there is no substitute for experience, there is also no substitute for local experience.

Each Court and each County is different. Every State’s Attorney office has different policies, and every Judge handles cases a little different. If you are facing criminal charges, you will want an attorney who has experience in your specific courtroom. A criminal defense attorney with that degree of local experience in your specific court will be much better suited to help you than an otherwise experienced attorney who is an outsider in court.

It is hard to overstate the value of an experienced criminal attorney when defending against a criminal accusation. An aggressive defense lawyer will likely be familiar with the court, charges, judges and State attorney’s involved in your case. This experience and familiarity is crucial. Attorney Schreiber has over two decades of local experience and in working the courts throughout the Northern Illinois and Rockford areas.

If arrested or facing criminal charges, please call today. We offer free consultations and are always available to see our clients in jail or after hours. Give this attorney in Rockford, IL a call today and see how we can help you!